Overcoming the 7 Devils That Ruin Success : Kindle ebook by James Dillehay


Free Kindle Book Dates: May 29 and May 30, 2013:

He would have one day run his family's successful business, but a sufi teacher appeared in his life telling him to walk away. This is his story about how he traded fortune and security to follow a mystic's advice and how that changed everything.

"Part personal story, part philosophy, and part motivation, this book covers the "devils" that hurt us in our life. I was impressed." ~ Gregory Smith

"It is a formula for success....truly an eye-opener." ~ K. Hedges

"This book will tell you about what's keeping you from what you should be doing. It's a nagging feeling you have inside that seems to not go away, and gets stronger the longer you ignore it. Very powerful message here. Good book." ~ Brandon Connell

"Overall the book has great insight and it is written in an engaging and conversational style that makes you feel as though you are in the hands of a master teacher." ~ Sandy

"Filled with great wisdom" ~ The New Times

"The author's personal story was inspiring and comforting. His viewpoint on the spiritual forces that determine our destiny is brilliant and engaging. Highly recommended." ~ M. Sharpe

"I recommend it highly" ~ InnerSelf Magazine

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