Taboo: Erotic Tales of Interracial Romance #1 - an erotic short story by O.T. Talum
KDP Select Free Promotion May 2-3, 2013
Jen wanted Darrell, and wanted him badly. Moreover, she knew that he had the hots for her as well. So why was she having to work overtime to get this guy to display even the slightest bit of romantic interest?  After all, guys usually flocked after Jen, who - with her movie-star looks and sensuous appeal - was essentially a Nordic goddess.

On his part, Darrell liked Jen, but dating her would entail certain...complications, and he liked his relationships worry-free. No drama; no baggage; nothing that was going to require him to jump through any hoops. Thus, he was willing to fight his natural inclinations where Jen was concerned in order to avoid what he foresaw as obstacles to having her as a romantic partner.

One night will see these two come together, lost in a maze of lust, desire, passion and need that will ultimately lead them to places they couldn't have imagined.

From the story:

He flinched slightly as she touched him, making her worry that she had inadvertently hurt him. 

"Sorry," he said. "You hands are a little cold."

"Sweetheart," she said, laughing, "in about thirty seconds you aren't going to care if my hands are made of barbed wire."