Almost Invisible- a Different Kind of Survival Story- by Sheri Dixon

'Almost Invisible- a Different Kind of Survival Story' has nothing to do with zombies, or terrorists, or anything resembling a world-wide societal crisis.

This is much more serious and insidious.

While the doomsday preppers and hardcore survivalists are busy digging bunkers and storing up MRE's the world ends quite completely and literally for many people every single day. 

People die, of course. But that's not the only ending, by a long shot.

Every day our society crumbles a little more, falls a little farther, lives shift and settle into nooks and crannies out of sight of those looking for the Big Event, silent and humble but no less catastrophic for those involved than anything worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster.

These characters are unlikely heroes, unwitting survivors just trying to get along in Life using whatever they have at hand and whatever experiences they can draw on. 

No Navy Seals, no gunslingers, no big explosions.

These are the homeless, the elderly, the poor.

These are the people you see every day without noticing them. Because they're Almost Invisible.