The Pact - an epic fantasy short story ebook by Graeme Brown

On the night of its destruction, Fort Lesterall's lords and ladies gather to celebrate two hundred years of the Pact that has kept them safe from Goblins and Ogres and Unborn creatures of nightmare.  Will Lesterall, a boy of ten, finds no joy in it, though, for the dark words of his Uncle Wood loom larger than the festivities.  When a messenger arrives, bearing the red token—a sign that the Pact has been broken—Lord Wood's words prove to be more than brooding.  War is coming to Fort Lesterall...

The Pact is an epic fantasy short story reminiscent of George R. R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire. Its 48-pages of action, adventure, and suspense will whisk you away to a castle wonderland and leave you hovering on the edge of your seat, with a mind full of questions that make you scream for a sequel. Set in a unique, vivid and detailed new fantasy world, with rich, believable characters and complicated plots, this story begins an epic tale that promises to keep you eager for more for many years to come.

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