Midnight's Dream - kindle ebook by R.E.S Tidmore


A story about romance, self discovery, and forgiveness.

Emma a new family doctor wants nothing more than to break free
of the mold her home town has so graciously locked her into. Yet doesn't
know how, with two older brother's watching her every move.

Spotting an attractive outsider as an opportunity to be who she
genuinely is, she takes the risk of her life and doesn't even know it
because she is totally unaware that the person (Logan) is accused of having
caused the death of one of her brothers.

Logan wants to move forward in his life and knows he must
confront Cole Verbeck in order to do so. When he goes looking for Emma,
Logan runs into Cole Verbeck and discovers Emma is the younger sister of
Cole. They hit a road block and must confront their fears to have any kind
of life together.