My Doctor and Me ABC - a kindle children's ebook by Stephanie Cox
This fun, rhyming ABC book was written by a Family Physician from Des Moines, Iowa who has been on both ends of a doctor's visit - as the physician trying to bond with and care for the kids, and as a busy mom trying to keep her three kids corralled during an office visit!
The book introduces your child to concepts they'll encounter at the office - for example getting their blood pressure and vision checked - and to examples of a healthy lifestyle such as getting plenty of exercise.  The writing is poetic and fun, your child will be entertained while learning about their health!  The illustrations are simple and cute so as not to be too distracting for the youngest of readers, yet they bring the text to life! 
The goal of this book is to help your child feel empowered by gaining knowledge about the doctor's office and their health so they can be more involved during their next visit to the doctor's office - and maybe they'll have a little fun!  The ABC format will also help young readers learn their alphabet but the text is engaging enough to keep the attention of your older children, too.  Great health is a great goal for everyone and this book will help get your child on the right path!

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