Keeping Score - women's fiction novel/Kindle ebook by Jami Deise

If parenting is a competitive sport, why are there no try-outs?

When her 9-year-old son Sam asked to play summer travel baseball,
Shannon had no idea the toughest competition was off the field.

A fun, satirical look at the insane world of kids' sports,
winner-take-all parenting in the 'burbs, the impossible work/life
seesaw, and wondering what's wrong with your life when your only
friend is your ex-husband's pretty young new girlfriend.

It's a crazy world of rigged try-outs, professional coaches, personal
hitting instructors, and insane parents. As Sam works to make
friends, win games and become a better pitcher, Shannon falls for a
coach from a competing team… and tries not to become a crazy baseball
parent herself.