The Broken God Machine - kindle ebook by Christopher Buecheler

Action! Adventure! Terrible monsters, mysterious forgotten technology,
and a quest to save the world. The Broken God Machine has all of that
and more.

Join Pehr, a sixteen year-old living in a village on the edge of the
sea, as he prepares for his test of manhood. When the vile,
remorseless beast-men known as Lagos attack his village, Pehr embarks
on a quest to save his cousin that will take him through jungles and
mountains and at last to the great, sweeping Plains of Tassanna.

Tasha is waiting for him there, the girl with the purple eyes, a
person unlike any other. Together they will journey to the great city
in the mountains, rumored home of the Gods, and learn who it is,
exactly, that they are, and what they must do to save the world.