The Trust Company - a financial thriller kindle ebook by Paul N. Stam

One dies in a freak bungee jumping accident. One is killed in the crossfire of a Japanese organized crime gun battle. One drops dead of a sudden heart attack.  One perishes in a car accident.  One drowns while scuba diving.

All were wealthy businesspeople. All died within 3 years of each other.  All had different beneficiaries. All were clients of the same boutique bank.  All shared the same attorney.

Nick Sanders, a former FBI Special Agent specializing in financial crimes, is persuaded to take on the case.  A classified U.S. government computer program has established that the 5 deaths are all connected by fraud.  Sanders, a jaded and cynical investigator, sees this case for what it is: It's about the money. It always is.

Teaming up with Sanders is Alexandra Conrad, a Homeland Security Analyst.  She has already been scrutinizing the bank and believes that it is using client to money to fund illegal arms sales for The FARC, a terrorist guerilla organization. Following a spectacular Manhattan bombing, the investigation opens the door on a conspiracy orchestrated by a ruthless Central American businessman.  As Sanders and Conrad dig deeper, a betrayal within Sander's own team will topple a carefully planned government operation and put both of their lives in jeopardy.  From the FARC encampments in the jungle regions of Columbia, to the Papagayo Gulf in Costa Rica, George Town Harbor in the Cayman Islands, and the financial corridors of Manhattan, The Trust Company takes you on a thrilling ride combined with murders, collusion and terrorism. And along the way, Sanders will discover that his long-held, overarching principle is wrong:  It's not always about the money.