When It Comes to Spooning, I'm a Fork - A humor ebook by Marc Prey


No one writes comedy quite like acclaimed screenwriter Marc Prey. Now
comes his first book, a laugh-out-loud funny, brutally honest and
deeply touching collection of personal stories about one man's
relationship with his wife and kids. In "When It Comes to Spooning,
I'm a Fork," Prey takes readers on a journey from first awkward date
through raising teenagers, all the while exposing moments that
seemingly shift from the hilarious to the poignant in the beat of a

With chapters such as "A World Viewed Through Man Eyes," "Naked
Twister" and the titular "When It Comes to Spooning, I'm a Fork," Prey
spins humorous tales that will leave readers recognizing themselves
or, perhaps, the person snoring next to them. Other chapters, such as
"The Magic of Christmas" and "Table for Daddy," may very well bring a
tear to the eye. In addition, each chapter is accompanied by a
humorous sketch by acclaimed artist Stephanie O'Donnell.

The book is the result of a blog Prey used to write to record his
foibles as a husband and father. An independent publisher discovered
the blog and asked Prey to compile the best entries into a humor
manuscript. The newly-released book joins the list of such popular
humor tomes as "Sh*t My Dad Says" and "8 Simple Rules for Dating My
Teenage Daughter."

"When It Comes to Spooning, I'm a Fork" is widely available in print,
electronic and audio formats and has garnered a growing collection of
5-star reviews on Amazon. It's short chapters make it perfect for
reading in bed or on the throne.