Who's Your Father? - Religion, Christianity, kindle ebook by Robert Bernecker


Most Christians have the wrong perception of God. We miss out on
incredible peace, confidence, and blessings because we don't
understand who our loving Father really is and how he actually
operates in our world. This book confronts and exposes many
all-too-common misconceptions that are found in today's church.

A reader emailed me recently saying, in her words, "I just want you to
know that your book and its premise are revolutionizing my life."
Many reviewers have commented that the book is an eye-opener that will
completely change one's understanding of God.

The life-changing truths that are conveyed in the book are the result of
several years of careful research and study. I discovered that the
modern church has drifted far from the historic confessions of the
great leaders of the Protestant movement. We need to return to the
beliefs of our founders, but we first have to understand where we have

The title is obviously a play on the phrase "Who's Your Daddy?" It is
meant to convey that Christians, just like children who don't know
their daddy, are at a big disadvantage when they don't truly
understand the nature and influence of their loving Father.

Kirkus calls it "A bright examination of modern Christianity."