RELATIONSHIP RED FLAGS - kindle ebook by Anna Moss

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There is a tragic misconception about those who are (or have been) involved in a pathological relationship. The masses seem to think we are careless, clueless, low-functioning and somehow asking for it or doomed to it. This is true for the majority of perpetrators and victims, but it is not true for all of us--not by a long shot.

About a third of those entangled in this nightmare are (or were) accomplished, attractive, high-functioning, moral individuals who had the great misfortune to get taken down by a charismatic con or master abuser, have their lives dismantled and then get destroyed, discarded or killed when there is nothing left of them to entertain the predator.

One of the unwritten laws of "those" relationships is this: if it's happened once it'll happen again unless you learn the warning signs and identify what it is in you that told a predator you were prey.

Interpersonal abuse is the fastest growing social plague on the planet. The only protection is specialized knowledge that helps you develop a new mindset. Some readers have likened their new mindset to life insurance saying it gave them confidence and peace of mind. The astute know that "they" are out there.

Not one person in a thousand possesses this knowledge. Be one.

RELATIONSHIP RED FLAGS, Domestic Violence, Dating Abuse, Psychopathic Bonds and Toxic Individuals Decoded ... Because the Warning Signs are Hard to See and Harder to Believe

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