Spellweaver - kindle ebook by CJ Bridgeman


A bok for fans of Harry Potter, the Mortal Instruments and Beautiful Creatures, Spellweaver is the first instalment of the story of Felicity Lucas. After her mother's death, Felicity is forced to move to a deprived London borough with her estranged father. It's different from what she's used to; she never really had much of a relationship with her mother, but now she's being forced into a friendship with the most popular girl in her new school and even worse - the guidance counsellor insists on meeting with her to 'talk about her feelings'. It's Felicity's idea of a nightmare.

It's only when she finds a book of magic spells and is attacked by a strange boy who can spout fire from his hands that Felicity begins to get to know her mother for the first time. She learns that she kept a great many secrets, secrets that thrust Felicity into the path of those who are bent on destroying her...

A 'coming-of-age' book aimed at young adults that deals with the themes of grief, loss, friendship and identity. The first in a continuing series.

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