This, That and Sometimes the Other - kindle ebook by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

An eclectic collection of short stories and original illustrations, This, That and Sometimes the Other by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields takes the reader around the world in fourteen stories. Like snowflakes, no two stories are exactly alike and appeal to those who prefer their recreational reading in small bites. Genres include speculative, literary and historical fiction. 

This, That and Sometimes the Other engages the reader immediately through distinctive dialogue and diverse settings in each short story-all the way from a tag-rag trailer park to a hospital emergency room. Rochelle Wisoff-Fields is a story teller extraordinaire, and this is a fascinating collection of her multifaceted work. 
Polly W. Swafford
Author of "Early Freeze"

Warning - Wisoff-Fields' fourteen little stories can cause literary addiction. You'll laugh while you cry as she wraps pain in layers of humor and style. Her delicious characters will move into your head and refuse to leave. 
Annie Withers, Book Review Editor
The Report - newsletter of Oklahoma Writers' Federation, Inc.