Final Perimeter - kindle ebook thriller by Mark Amerman

Someone wants to kill Scott Kelso, CIA. A mysterious assassin is tracking him through the snowy wilderness in Montana and Idaho, waiting for the right opportunity to ambush him. If Kelso survives, an even greater challenge will confront him back in Washington. Kelso saved President Benjamin Talbot's life on a high-risk mission behind enemy lines. Now Kelso has to find the mastermind behind a conspiracy that is destroying the government from within, in the midst of an international crisis that may erupt into nuclear war at any moment.

For Russia 
 --The Russian General Staff, led by General Alexi Voroblev, now in control of Russia;
 --The Russian armed forces, moving rapidly towards Europe and the United States;
 --A mole inside the U.S. government, determined to see a Kremlin victory at any cost;
 --A Russian "doomsday machine" known as Perimeter, counting down to a nuclear Armageddon.
 For the U.S  
--President Benjamin Talbot, determined to end the Russian crisis by peaceful means;
--CIA operative Scott Kelso, ordered by Talbot to find the mole and stop him-whatever it takes;
--Defense Secretary Willis Cantor, who wants to take aggressive action to stop the Russian threat;
--CIA Director Jefferson Jeffers, who has his own agenda. 

Will President Talbot and Scott Kelso be able to stop the chaos and save the world from nuclear war? Read Final Perimeter, a political thriller ripped from tomorrow's headlines.

It is important to note that the Perimeter system referred to in Final Perimeter is real. It is a Russian defensive system designed to launch missiles against the United States based on sensor data received. It became operational in 1983-1984 and still is operational today. It has been upgraded several times and its exact capabilities remain top secret.