Garnets - Kindle ebook by Suzy Stewart Dubot

My Journal
Chapter 1

It has happened before. I have awakened in a room that I do not know.

It is a curious sensation when first I open my eyes and see that the room is not mine. It has not worried me since my youngest age because I know I have only to sleep again to find my own familiar surroundings.

A dream, one might think?

It is hardly that because I am able to move around the room and pick up objects. I can feel their weight, sense their surfaces whether rough or smooth, cold or not. By grasping them firmly in my hand, I have even managed to take small objects with me back to my own room. Sometimes, if there is a mirror, I can see myself in my nightclothes, my hair in the plait that I prefer for sleeping. No, not a dream but something quite out of this world.

This is not your usual Regency romance. It has the added bonus of a time travel mystery wrapped around Garnets. But then, is it really time travelling? The young woman who has experienced visits to other rooms since childhood, is finally brave enough to venture forth and to look beyond...