Phubbing All Over The World: The Words Of 2013 - Kindle eBook by Hugh Westbrook

Have you spent this year Phubbing, taking Selfies, Twerking or doing the Harlem Shake? Perhaps you've been investing in Bitcoins as you search for an Olinguito or munch on a TomTato. 
If you have, then you have been using some of the best new words of 2013. 

Phubbing All Over The World looks back at the year in words and paints a unique picture of what has mattered to people in 2013 by seeing which words have come to prominence over the last 12 months. The range of subjects is huge, with politics, sport, technology, the environment and the food industry all included. The Pope even makes an appearance.

So find out how this year's latest words came to be, whether their popularity will last, and just how much the English language has changed.

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