The Ebonite and Her Earthling, kindle ebook by Sunshine Somerville

"The Ebonite and Her Earthling" is Book 2 in The Kota Series.  This sequel continues the story of the Kota Warriors as they find themselves in a new world and learn to cope on a planet fighting for colonization against the native Kynajabi beasts.  Told mostly from the perspective of Cliqani, a native Ebonite, we see the Warriors in a whole new light as they are reintroduced to new eyes.  

Part suspense, part action, part mystery, this story takes on a new tone from Book 1 and lays the course for the rest of the series.  The deeper significance of the power within the Kota Warriors is revealed, and we begin to see how everything ties together in a way that directs their overall mission. 
Not exactly anti-war, but there is a hint of commentary about the treatment of veterans, soldiers, and natives subject to colonization. 
Great for fans of "Alien", "Dune", "Speaker for the Dead", and "Space: Above and Beyond."
Recommended for ages 15 and up, for violence and mild language.

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