Guardians: Light Warrior Chronicles - kindle ebook by Juellen Nelson

Abandoned and left to Fate, Chasedy Polari must discover what is expected of her. She was trained from the young age of two to use weapons and hand to hand fighting, and along the way she has acquired abilities that leaves her skills, so far unchallenged. However, she still has no idea what Fate has in store for her, though she is aware that her kind do not live once their mission is complete.

She finds herself in situations that emerge guardian after guardian. How many guardians does a girl need for a mission of fate that is supposed to leave her dead at such a young age? If her destiny is to die after she accomplishes what she is destined for, then why is she suddenly finding herself surrounded by untouchable, gorgeous men, calling themselves her guardians? 

Jax, Travis, Kale, and other guardians are trying to help, but for some reason they keep losing track of the precious one they are supposed to guard. Jax is not happy when he is told he must help Chasedy find her mate. He is especially unhappy when the lord of the Dark Realm hovers over her. Families are being violently slaughtered. Fear and panic rise as not only as one of Fates destined, Chase Polari must her way, but murders increase and she must find a way to stop them. She suspects they are because someone is searching for her.