Breakfast with the Pope - kindle ebook by Susan Vigilante

Did you watch the canonization of Pope John Paul II?  Did you wish you were there?

Have you read about the amazing man who became St John Paul II? Do you wish you could meet him?

Meet him in "Breakfast with the Pope,"  an uncompromisingly honest, deeply personal memoir of faith, friendship, and family.  A beautiful, funny, moving story about the mysterious working of grace in our lives.
Susan Vigilante is a lucky woman.  She has a loving husband, wonderful friends.  But she wants more. She wants a family.  She wants to write.  And she wants a miraculous cure for her sister's husband, a young father stricken with cancer.  Now she's been invited to meet the Holy Father.  If she can just work up the nerve to ask him for his prayers....

Set in the lovely Italian town of Castelgandolfo, the summer home of the popes for centuries, "Breakfast with the Pope" will have readers laughing, crying, and talking about the things that really matter to us all.  A book you will love-- promise!