Community of Ones - kindle ebook by Leona Samson

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What does a parent do when the unthinkable happens? What does a mother do when a beloved child is lost to suicide? Will she ever know peace, trust, love and joy again? Can a broken heart ever be mended?
"Community of Ones: The Search for Self after Devastating Loss" is a novel – but it was written by a grieving mother who, prior to writing this book, believed that the answer to these last questions was an unequivocal "No."

The book tells the story of Lia: Her life is shattered after the suicide of a beloved son. In the void that follows, where everything is in question, she feels compelled to embark on a spiritual journey to find the son she lost. Her quest leads her to confront the nature of evil, to test the boundaries of her values, to examine life, love and death. It takes her from her self-exile in Jerusalem to a forest community in mystical Tzfat, from the seductive shores of the Dead Sea to the cleansing desert heat of the Negev, from the underbelly of Tel Aviv, back to Jerusalem. But will she find what she is searching for?
The fast pace of the story will grab your interest from the start. Page after page, you will find yourself eager to know what Lia will do next, where she will go next, who she will meet next. The book explores the many existential, emotional, intellectual and spiritual questions and dilemmas that arise in the wake of the sudden loss of a loved one. The story takes place the exotic land of Israel, but the exploration of life and love in the story is of universal value.