Shadows of the Midnight Sun - a super natural thriller by Graham Brown and Spencer Andrews

Shadows of the Midnight Sun is a supernatural thriller. A story of falling and redemption and a threat to humanity's collective soul.

Christian Hanover has lived for 1700 years in the powerful shell of a body caught between life and death.  A former Roman Centurion he was attacked by a powerful Nosferatu named Drakos, whose minions followed the wars and fed on the dead and dying after the carnage of battle.

After spending over a thousand years as Drakos friend and servant, Christian learned of of the plans Drakos had for the world - darkness, despair and the overthrow of their gods.  He broke from Drakos and has spent the past four centuries both hiding from his old friend and fighting a losing battle to keep humanity safe from the predations of the thousands of Nosferatu that walk the earth.

The vampires in this world live a suffering painful existence, devoid of emotion and feeling unless they take the blood of a human and taste true life again. Vulnerable in these moments and addicted to the feeling, most of the Nosferatu are doomed to an endless spiral and death.  But some have risen above, some have decided to take on humanity, others to defend it.  And all must deal with the Hunters of the Church, the Righteous Fire that will consume them, and the prophecy of the Midnight Sun, which foretells the coming of an angel that will either heal the Nosferatu or cast them into utter darkness.

This is a complex book, the first part of a trilogy.  None of the characters are completely good or evil.  Most have competing motivations.  It is also a very human book, despite the supernatural premise.  The emotions are laid bare.  The intensity will keep you on the edge of your seat. With an ending that will shock and surprise.

Hope you enjoy it - Graham Brown