The Hare, the Bow and the Girl - a kindle ebook by D H Richards

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Stranded in a strange land! How do you make sense of a world you know nothing about? What do you do when you fall in love with the wrong person? And what happens when you annoy the wrong six foot tall rabbit? It’s bad enough that Eric lost his parents but he now finds himself thrust into a world where men and rabbits live side by side in an uneasy alliance. Tension, mystery and intrigue lie beneath the peaceful surface of the strange valley on the eve of the wedding of the King’s daughter. And now Eric must make a choice that could cost him his life…

When out hunting one day, Eric stumbles through a bamboo forest to find himself a stranger in a strange land- where people and giant rabbits live uneasily, side by side.

Many years later, in The Hare, the Bow, and the Girl, Eric tells the story to his great-great grandson of how, at the age of 19, he found himself in a parallel world, Blackberry Valley. There Eric meets a group of men and rabbits doing work for the king. Some in the group are suspicious of him, but Eric decides to join them. They are making their way to the main town in the kingdom to join in the celebration of the wedding between the king’s daughter and a prince from the neighboring kingdom. Their union promises to bring peace to the valley. Along the way Eric reveals himself to be a wiz with the bow and arrow, saving one of the rabbit’s lives. When the group gets to the town the rabbit convinces Eric to enter an archery tourney. While getting ready Eric befriends and falls in love with a girl. At the tourney Eric realizes the girl is, in fact, the princess. Soon Eric is on the run for his life, aided by the group.

The book ends with Eric getting back to his home. There he waits for the next 75 years for the return of the rabbits, who promised to come get him to take him back to the princess. Eric tells his great-great grandson it was all a dream, a story he made up. Several days later his great-great grandson is in the garden weeding when a small rabbit delivers him a note telling Eric to come back…

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