Dusk and Midnight Essays - kindle ebook by David Arc


I’ve referred to this collection of essays and stories as a “quarry for ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts,” which also is the subtitle.  Because that’s what this collection is, an unusual resource for newer, deeper, fresher, and more sophisticated approaches to the “paranormal.”

There is enough of the mainstream, standard stuff to go around, but very, very little that is highly curious, unusual; sort of “paranormal” in its own right.  My wish is for the reader, whatever your background might be, to garner concrete, useful, applicable information pertaining to the so-called “paranormal” from the essays of this book.  

The essays concern various extraordinary phenomena, entities, and methods; many of them are given with real-life personal, experiential examples.  The book does not have to be read cover to cover, the reader can jump in anywhere, use it as a convenient handbook, and if nothing else, enjoy the accounts of real-life personal experiences as bedtime or late-night entertainment past midnight and the witching hour.

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