Rook and Raven - Kindle ebook by Julie Harvey Delcourt

Magic and murderous mayhem descend upon London in 1822.  The presumed dead King of Celtica is very much alive and arrives on the shores of England.  Along with his arrival come a cult of Odin worshiping assassin priests.  Answering only to the evil and immortal High Priest Olav, they have two missions; kill the king and acquire Jessamy Powers.

For a thousand years Celtica has lived under a curse and waited upon a prophecy. When the Vikings began their conquests to the West they found what no one else ever did; Avalon, and determined to make it their own pure Viking realm.  The problem for them is the powerful Priestesses of Rhiannon and the brave Celtic people themselves.  They are determined to hold onto their ancient island at any cost.

Jessamy Powers is a slightly tarnished noblewoman, an actress, most unexpectedly being courted by a Duke.  She is a woman on the verge of a major decision  when her world turns on its ear.  For not only has the true King of Celtica come to England, so has the man who once abandoned her and broke her heart.  Sebastian St. Just, the Earl of Redsayle may seem to be nothing more than the scoundrel who once left Jessamy high and dry, bags packed awaiting her elopement, but in fact he is England and the Celtic Resistance's most valuable spy and assassin; Rook.

He would love to tell her the truth,but part of being a spy is living a lie.  No one is more shocked than Rook to discover that his mission turns out to be as much protecting Jessamy as the King.  She has come into an inheritance from her parents that, along with a secret of her own, could not only change the course of the battle for Celtica, but bring about the fateful and ancient prophecy.

Part Princess Bride, part Charmed, funny, wicked and sexy. Full of surprises, mysteries and terrifying encounters, Rook and Raven is a tale of true love and true evil.  It is the beginning of the ultimate battle for the last mystical kingdom.  The villains are dastardly and dark, the heroes are men and women of courage and passion.  It is a tale both classic fairy tale and fantastical romance.  Bright with faith, magic, wit and friendship, Rook and Raven will pull you in and not let you go until the last page is turned.

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