God Walks My Dreams by Ranjana Kamo


A MUST READ - a book that leaves you wanting for more.

The story of a man who wants to hold the Sun and follow his dreams that seem impossible to achieve.

The man who refuses to give up and takes life head on.

The story of Suraj, a young man who moves from a small town to a big city in search of his dreams. Suraj starts from being a nobody who is trying hard to be a somebody and the story takes you through various turning points in Suraj's life as he fights through every hardship that life takes him through.

He is unstoppable as he chooses every opportunity that life throws open for him. His perseverance and faith in God are inspiring. His loyal friends struggle with him to follow their dreams.

He faces dire situations to reach Anita, the love of his life.

It remains to be seen where his life eventually takes him.

There is family, love, relationships, friendship, adventure, dreams, thrill, romance, faith, spirituality, hardships, struggle, kindness and gratitude that keep the readers engrossed throughout the storyline.

Flow with the subtle romance weaved through the lives of Suraj and Anita.

My first novel after spending years writing poetry; "God Walks My Dreams".