Origin Season One - Kindle ebook by Nathaniel Dean James



Prepare yourself for a high-octane thrill ride into the depths of a mystery that will leave you teetering on the edge of your seat. In this, the opening act in the Origin series, Nathaniel Dean James brings you face to face with a world of intrigue, betrayal, high stakes and human triumph that is guaranteed to stir the imagination of thriller and science-fiction fans alike.

Beneath the veneer of a world edging ever closer to the perils of an uncertain future, events are unfolding that few are aware of, and fewer still would believe possible. For Francis More, once a cog in the sinister apparatus of state-sponsored violence, guilt has become a burden he can no longer live with. Concerned only with his own redemption, Francis has set out to atone for his complicity in one of the CIA's more egregious covert operations when his plans are derailed by a simple oversight, an error whose implications are not immediately clear, but soon prove disastrous. Forced to run from a nameless enemy whose sudden appearance and motives he neither understands nor suspects, Francis soon finds himself on the run. From the streets of Boston and the placid farm country of New England to the wilderness of rural Quebec and far beyond, Francis is caught in a battle not only for his life, but a secret with the power to both resurrect the fortunes of the human race itself, or blight them once and for all.