Burd: The Abduction - Kindle ebook by R.D. House

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It is 1940 on a remote ranch in Texas.  The space aliens known as the Grays in UFO literature are collecting fauna and flora for experimentation and profit.  They notice a stray chicken which has some unusual traits including more bravery than is usually found in her species.  Beep and Tarragon, the expedition leaders, decide to collect her, but a power setting mishap leads to a dead hen.

They find a viable egg, which reminds the aliens of a pending genetic engineering experiment which this egg might facilitate.  They do their mysterious gene splicing and then manage to plant the egg for an innocent young girl to find on a nearby ranch.  There is an assimilation aspect to the experiment for the soon to be hatched rooster man.

Burd is a unique creature.  He talks, flies, reasons remarkably well and Burd has super human strength and ability to be a fearsome warrior.  The Grays are trying to develop a prototype soldier to strengthen their military capability against their enemies the Reptilians, another off world species deeply involved in dominating the Earth. The avian man seems to be the answer.

The Reptilians are backing the Nazis and the Illuminati in World War II. They love politics, especially when policies lead to death and destruction.  Nicknamed lizard men, they pride themselves in becoming the puppet masters of other species.  They have evil designs for mankind’s future and they think the Nazis have a lot of potential as their minions.

The Grays think their abductions and non-lethal harvest of biological fluids is their prerogative as superior beings. It’s not that they hate humans, on the contrary, they love the human music they have discovered in their time travels.  They especially like the music of the The Who, a band that will not arrive on the scene for another generation.  They love the band so much they have, by Imperial Edict, changed their own official name to the Whoians.

It’s not looking good for humans caught in the middle of a struggle between two powerful outer space empires.  Both alien species come to believe Burd, the rooster man, could be important to their plans.

Will the rooster man Burd join forces with humans to fight for freedom, or will he be another tool for aliens seeking to dominate and harvest resources of Earth?

Burd must make perilous choices as events unfold.  There is a bankrupt ranch and a failing circus to save.  There are friends needing help escaping from the dark side of the moon.  There are shows to perform.  There are friends falsely accused of riot to spring from jail.  Oh, and there is a little matter of a war to win in Europe.

A typical rooster might spend a lot of time hanging around a chicken coop and eating cracked corn, but a rooster man’s work is never done until the fat lady sings.  The Fat Lady of the Texas Jack Ringer sideshow is much too grouchy to sing any time soon.