Echoes of Light: Book One of the Luminous Legend by Jeffrey Pawlak

In the kingdom of Tordale, magic is a mysterious, beautiful power that allows its wielders to defend themselves against the most dangerous of foes, ward off fatal afflictions, and even connect to other worlds. But Alamor is fearful of magic after his failed attempts to master control over his own- a failure that eventually conjured a host of regrets and tragedies for the young man. When a seemingly unstoppable evil threatens the land, Alamor is called to make a second attempt at channeling the magic that dwells within his spirit, an attempt that he'll make as he journeys all across the continent- to Sleekleaf Forest, to the Arid Reaches, to the Tower Mountains, and even to the kingdom among the clouds known as Skyscape.

Echoes of Light introduces readers for the first time to the wondrous land of Tordale- a fantasy world where technology grows alongside magic, where countless creatures, large and small, peaceful and violent, call home. In Tordale, readers will not find the overused Elves, Dwarves or Goblins that have littered high fantasy fiction; they will see all-new races of beings whose unique appearances are only outdone by their unique ways of life. There are the savage, bear-like Baroso, the subterranean, ore-harvesting Bachus, the aquatic, reptilian Onda, and the avian Emberlas, who live upon the very tips of the Tower Mountains just beneath the sky.

It is a story of redemption as Alamor seeks to free himself from his previous errors in life. It is a story of faith as he and his comrades fight to save their homeland in the face of unthinkable odds. It is a story of friendship as Alamor and his estranged best friend, Princess Raissa Hokara, reunite and mend the loving relationship that they nearly lost.

It is a story that will inspire.

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