How to Beat An Ebay Suspension by John Martin

F*CK Ebay and their communist-like policies! Beat an Ebay suspension immediately, by learning how to go stealth with this guide!

Suspended or banned from Ebay? Would you like sweet revenge in return, by creating as many accounts as you want? This guide gives you crystal clear, and easy step-by-step directions to getting back on Ebay immediately! Learn how to completely hide your identity, and successfully change the information you will need to provide when signing up for Ebay and Paypal. You will never get suspended or banned again!

Before you panic and make new accounts, you should know that Ebay and Paypal have many techniques to linking your new account to your suspended account, which will get you suspended again and again. You need to learn how to go stealth, completely hiding yourself, in order to create as many accounts as you please, and avoid ever being suspended again. This guide will give you absolutely everything you need to know to do so. Here are just a few topics you will learn:

Learn how to use your same legal name with Ebay and Paypal
Learn how to skip using your Social Security Number with Ebay and Paypal
Learn how to avoid using the same driver's license with Paypal
Learn how to change your bank info with Paypal
Learn how to use another address with Ebay and Paypal
Learn the sneaky techniques Ebay and Paypal use to link your accounts.
Learn how to create an unlimited number of Ebay and Paypal Accounts

After reading this short guide, you will be left with the knowledge that many power-sellers wish they knew, before their lives were ruined by ridiculous Ebay policies. Any questions you may have about getting back on Ebay are guaranteed to be answered in a few short pages. If you need to get back on Ebay immediately, you will be able to do so within minutes of finishing this guide. GUARANTEED!

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