The Hell Of Osirak - kindle ebook by Jaye Rothman

For years I searched for a spy novel that featured a strong female character. I couldn't find one. So when I started writing The Hell Of Osirak initially I wrote it for myself - a book that I would want to read. The female protagonist is Nikki Sinclair who is sexy, gutsy and a lesbian who happens to be a spy. This is the start of a new genre - the lesbian spy thriller!

My book is loosely based on a true story set in 1981 - Operation Opera.
Sinclair is sent on an Intel mission into Southern Africa, is this a goose chase or is her assignment critical to her nation’s security?
Her position becomes increasingly tenuous, as she encounters her Mossad ex- lover Dvora. Sparks fly again….

The Osirak nuclear facility will become operational in a few weeks. This will destabilise all of the Middle East. Sinclair’s mission – is to stop the unimaginable from happening. But as events unfold she begins to understand that she is little more than a pawn in a dangerous international game of physical intimacy.