The Quest of Narrigh - Kindle eBook by S.K.Holder: Fantasy Series


The Quest of Narrigh is one of the biggest Massively Multi-player Online Role-playing games (MMORPG) ever to be released by Tridan Entertainment. You have to be over 15-years-old to play. Connor, however, has used his older brother’s password in order to access his gaming account. Connor is playing the game on his brother's laptop, with his best friend Riley, when he suddenly finds himself in Narrigh.

Unbeknown to the races of Narrigh, there is a rift between their world and the world of Odisiris, which is inhabited by a race known as Citizens. The Maker of these worlds knows of the rift and seeks to use it to his advantage. He hopes others do not seek to do the same. For he possesses a great artefact that, if wielded, could disrupt the balance of the two worlds and ultimately lead to their destruction.

‘The Quest of Narrigh’ forms volume one of ‘The Other Worlds’ series. While it will appeal to gamers and fantasy enthusiasts, the narrative will grip anyone interested in social interaction, culture and the flaws of the human condition.

There are two male protagonists in the story: one adult and one young adult. Thus, it will appeal to both teenagers and adults.