StoryBranding 2.0: Creating Standout Brands Through the Purpose of Story by Jim Signorelli

The ultimate how-to book about brand storytelling. 

Brand storytelling is all the rage in marketing. But few books explain how to go about cultivating and promoting that story. This is the book that does.

StoryBranding 2.0 is an updated edition of the award winning, best selling book that has sparked enthusiasm among marketing luminaries, CEO's, entrepreneurs, and personal branding advocates.

Cultivating your brand's story starts with understanding what a story really is and how it is structured. It is only then that you can then start to think about your brand the way an author thinks about the essential elements of any story. You’ll learn that your brand is very much like the protagonist of any story with beliefs and values that serve as the engine behind the way it functions. You’ll be given instructions on how to use a unique immersion technique to achieve greater empathy with your most likely prospects. And you’ll learn to how to better define and overcome specific obstacles standing in the way of your brand’s growth.

Written by a 35-year veteran of marketing and advertising who has worked on major national brands, this is the ultimate how-to brand planning book for professionals and beginners alike. Besides being instructive, it is highly entertaining as the author recounts experiences he’s had during his stellar career as an advertising executive.