The Vanishing Villa - Kindle ebook by I H Laking

The Vanishing Villa is a fantasy mystery novella for older children, featuring Inspector Ambrose Aramis.

Inspector Ambrose is a great mind living in a great time. Together with his partner, Detective Percy Portland, he tackles mysteries around Traville, the capital city of the Empire, which is at the peak of its power. Led by The Order, the Empire thrives in partnership with Mechs, creations that live alongside people, working in service to humanity.

In the Vanishing Villa, Ambrose must confront the strange possibility that a house could simply disappear from one of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in town without anyone noticing. The primary suspects are Mechs, and the hunt to find them will land the detectives in danger at every turn.

As the mystery deepens, it leads the detectives through Traville's slums, and into the world beneath the city. There, they confront a long lost temple, inhabited by Mechs who haven't seen the outside world in decades. But as they soon discover, they're not the only people to have an interest in the temple and its secrets.

The Vanishing Villa will keep you riveted right to the very end! It’s a novella that’s written for children but has been enjoyed by people of all ages. The mystery is the second of three Inspector Ambrose stories, and serves as an outstanding introduction to the world of the Empire, which stands waiting for its secrets to be revealed; secrets that will rock its people to their core.

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