The Ship - a kindle ebook by Allan Krummenacker

Ghost ship, psychics, spirits, and a concrete vessel from WWI that can actually be visited at Seacliff Beach in Aptos California.

What starts as a simple surfing lesson, turns into a struggle for survival for billionaire heiress Cassandra Elliott and her new love interest the Seneca shamaness Julie Cloudfoot.

Cassandra is knocked off her board by an unseen assailant who leaves a terrifying gash in her wetsuit, along with a small red mark on her leg.  Soon, terrifying visions of a ghost ship begin haunting the heiress' dreams.  But that's not all. Cassandra is finding herself drawn towards the sea whenever a strange fogbank appears in the distance.

Is something hiding within the miasma?  And if so, what is it's connection to the legendary "Lost Colony of Roanoke", and the tribe of Tuscarora indians, that Julie is distantly related to...