Second Chances by Rachael R. Vaughn

Second Chances is a southern legal drama based in a small town in Central Arkansas.  It has been described as a suspenseful page turner.  In chapter one, the reader soon discovers that Kate Strickland Ross, an attorney seeking a local judicial position, has a dark secret that she is deeply ashamed of, a secret that could ruin her life and alienate her from her son and close friends.  But Kate is not the only person holding on to devastating secrets, as the reader will learn near the end of the book.

The reader also discovers immediately that Kate's son is accused of armed robbery and attempted murder in a neighboring town, although the young man has no recollection of the crimes, and in fact, begins to wonder if he was drugged the previous weekend by his college roommate.

Throughout Kate's wrestling with her son's legal problems and her own dark past, a sinister, sick young man, Andy Ford, is seeking revenge against Kate for misdeeds he believes Kate committed against his own, deceased
mother.  The reader will soon discover that the juvenile system did in fact fail Andy as a boy, likely contributing to his monstrous behavior now as an adult.

There are a few minor characters the reader will meet along the way, who are indicative of some of the more colorful characters who exist in real life in the Arkansas judicial system.  Judge Annabelle Thompson and the county deputy are quite entertaining!