The Madison Picker by Mark Clay Grove

SOMETHING ENTIRELY NEW from Spitfire Publishing. 

The Madison Picker is a novel about antiques, art, and collectibles written in a travelogue-type style with fictional characters based on real people. PICKER is a whole new genre: no plot, no climax, no profanity, no sex. Oh My! No Way!
What is it then? It's all about antiques and the business of antiques as two pickers search for antiques they can add to their collection or sell for profit. Basically, it's about the author’s 35 year career as a second generation dealer, picker, refinisher, shopkeeper, mall operator, antiques show circuit rider, eBayer, TV personality, world traveler, connoisseur, expert witness, collector extraordinaire, and husband to a Peruvian dynamo that he had to wait all his life before finding her on Match.
Fifty beta-readers have read it and they raved! Half were not collectors. The other half were in the antiques world in some way: dealer, auctioneer, curator, etc. All fell in love with the characters, especially Emma, although they liked Charles, too. This is the first title in the series. The next two sequels are Some Kind of Good and South Boston Beauty. PICKER is also available as a paperback, large print, and hardback, and mid-2015 it will be released in Spanish. Give it a try.