Spirituality 101 For Dropouts of the School of Life - non fiction Spirituality by Ivan Figueroa-Otero

2014 Finalist NIEA Awards, 2014 Medal Winner Readers Favorite Awards,  Finalist in 2014 in USA Book News contest

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This book attends to the needs of "Dropouts" of the great Universal school of life, by making them feel important in the process of learning. In a light funny textbook format, it guides the reader in a roller-coaster experience through the confusing ups and downs of religion-spirituality-science, which makes this ride very enjoyable. It guides the reader back in an inner journey to his real origins, where he finally finds the quenching of his endless thirst for "things" to mitigate his inner emptiness.
The author starts his tongue in cheek scholastic journey by tackling these intriguing questions.
Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going? And then motivates you by expressing,
"I invite you to explore your soul in the infinite dimensional spirals of knowledge of the School of Life. I hope that the fruits of my failings help you to surpass your exams with fewer burdens and more joy."