Cars, Cats and Crooks - a cozy mystery by Roy H Carter

Peyton Kimble was not a high achiever at school but he is full of enthusiasm and determination. He's wasted half his life in a dead end job and now he is determined to follow his boyhood dream of becoming a private detective. Has he had any training? Has he heck, but he knows he will be good! Along with his nephew Jackson who was also a waster at school, they pool their talents and start out small trying to solve the mystery of Mrs. Boggins' kidnapped cat.

Serious murder and mystery await the dynamic duo on their second case with the suspicious murder of an ex-work colleague. The solving of this case leads to findings that will shock them both and put the whole family in turmoil. Old secrets and scandals from the past resurface and events that most thought were long buried and forgotten will provide the answers to a family puzzle that has worried Payton all his life.

This is the start of The Kimble Detective agency. A modern day Sherlock Holmes in the making or so his wife believes he thinks he is. Sherri, his wife thinks he's having a mid-life crisis but Peyton feels like he's been waiting for this opportunity all his life and intends to prove them all wrong.