Frizzy Tizzy Goes to the Park - a children's book by Wendy Hinbest

A children's book about a little girl who faces her fears at the park.

Frizzy Tizzy wakes up one morning and asks her mommy and daddy to take her to the park.  Frizzy Tizzy loves spending time with her mommy and daddy.  After breakfast she gets dressed and her mommy and daddy take her to park.  She has a great time going on the swings.  When it was time to go home Frizzy Tizzy decides to go down the slide, but this time she wants to be adventurous.  She makes up her mind to go down the bigger slide, which she has never done before.  She watches the other children go down the bigger slide and believes if they can do it so can she.  When she gets to the top of the slide she becomes frightened.  A little girl offers to go down the slide with her so she wouldn't be afraid.  So they went down the slide together and then Frizzy Tizzy realized it wasn't as scary as she thought.  She went down the slide again, but this time she went all by herself.  Frizzy Tizzy and the the little girl become friends and Frizzy Tizzy isn't afraid of the bigger slide anymore.