Inspired Writings of a Prophet for Jesus the Christ - true inspirational journey of faith and hope by Gregory A Booker

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Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 978-1-4691-4118-3
Available in Ebook, Softback and Hardback

This is a back to the basics gospel reading that is informative and empowering in it's revelation for the times which we live. Based on biblical studies of prophetic details many signs are before us and this book aids in giving insight and wisdom. It speaks uniquely to our USA declaring to America….America how far has thou fallen and to the Church as the Bride!

Recommended reading by AllBooks Reviews quotes " this book is a compilation of prose,narrative and psalms written to help, through prophesying to restore hope and faith to the christian community. The return of Christ has been promised and the Church must prepare itself in a world that is full of greed and self centeredness. This short read is full of truths that we may have forgotten to remember and these writings will lift our heads and help us get back to the basics of God's love."