Shadow of Worlds - A metaphysical Science Fiction novel by JD Lovil

Each of us suspects that our minds influence the world we see around us. Science all but confirms this as fact. Rafe has found the truth, and learned how to walk between the worlds that the Many Worlds Theory says that the possible outcomes of each action makes.

Rafe has met the gods, and he has met the monsters and supernatural things that we all privately know exist.  He has started to sense the coming of an avatar of Chaos that will make the worst of the monsters seem as harmless as a fluffy bunny.

Rafe finds himself drafted by circumstances to protect his worlds, and he is accompanied by a large gray wolf that for years has been following him through the change shadows when he travelled from reality to reality. Sometimes welcome and sometimes annoying, Lobo the wolf has over time become his trusted friend and companion.

Now he and his friends, gods, sorcerers and common Walkers alike, must find a way to stop this Scourge, before it makes every world of Man another place where Hell holds sway, and unmakes all memory of Man in the infinite universes of existence.

Follow Rafe and his friends as they strive to protect all of the Worlds where Man has ever existed from being washed away into nothingness by the Scourge.