Summer Letters by Dan Petermeier



A story about trusting that love can survive the storms of life.

Summer in Minnesota can be hot and stormy and in the early 1990s when there wasn’t email or texting, the least expensive option was a piece of paper and an envelope.   But before the envelope could be addressed to the right person, there had to be a reason you were writing a letter in the first place, right?  That’s the story of Summer Letters.

The exchanges of handwritten letters between some of the characters in the book offer a unique and personal way of expressing thoughts and feelings. For a couple of the them, it’s the best way to perpetuate a relationship.  For others, it’s the way to get heavy subjects off their chest.   Is it a fairy tale beginning or a lifetime of hopes and dreams coming to a crashing end?

There are a lot of great love stories to be heard:  the way people come together, fall in love and spend a lifetime together are numerous.  However, very few people probably have a story like the one told in the real-life inspired story, Summer Letters.  Two people brought together by an unexplainable force will face numerous obstacles, but in the end, if love is to prevail, something has to give.  Will one letter bring two people together or make them say goodbye – forever?

Some readers have likened Summer Letters to a typical Nicholas Sparks novel. There’s no doubt this is in the same genre with some similarities.  There are several very likable characters and a romance that develops, but in the process there are untold secrets to be revealed and a personal journey that must take its suspenseful course.   An emotionally-charged story, there’s bound to be tears of happiness and tears of sadness at various points as you turn the pages.  The unique traits of Emma and Brandon add a little humor and personality to the other easygoing characters.  Situations come to life with descriptive wording and you’ll feel you’re in the room as the events unfold.  With a faith-themed element to the entire story, the romance scenes are tastefully illustrated; nevertheless the scenes properly demonstrate the love and passion felt by the characters.

Summer Letters is a real-life romance perfect for readers aged 16 to 80 and beyond!

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