Suzie Sparkle and the Dragon Princess - a children's book by Steve Moran

This ebook will be free on Sunday, February 8th, 2015.

Have you ever looked out of an aeroplane window and wondered why the plane was flying backwards?  No, seriously, have you? Especially if you were flying over the Pacific Ocean, somewhere between San Francisco and Hawaii?
If the answer is yes, then I would really like to meet you, because that means you are one of the few people privileged to have visited the Rainbow Isles. You remember that amazing place, don't you? The group of islands that don't appear on any map, and are protected by a permanent rainbow?
And were you there when the earthquake happened, and the creatures crawled out of the sea, and everyone ran around looking for the Dragon Princess? That must have been an amazing time to be there. I'd really like to hear about it.
And if you were there, you must have seen...her. You know, the one who saved everyone from certain death. The girl who came from the outside world.
The one who tamed the dragons.
The one they called...Suzie Sparkle.