Treasure of the Battersea Bluffs - A time travel fantasy by Sarah Norkus

Josh is a young man out of time. Unaware that he has travelled back in time to the 18th century, he waves the hand clutching his cell phone back and forth in irritation as he tries to locate a signal...

In the old factory district of Petersburg, near the Appomattox River, sits a rundown Palladian Villa known as Battersea. Hidden beneath the floorboards of the east wing lies a skeleton that hasn’t been disturbed for two hundred and forty years. During the Battersea Days celebration, a panicked mare charges through the villa and opens a hole in the floorboards with her plunging hooves.  Sixteen year-old Emily Grace and her boyfriend, Josh, stand frozen beside a display table as the horse is captured. Curiosity overshadowing caution, Em steps over to the hole and peers inside.  Spying something in the cavity, Em reaches under the planks and unknowingly grasps the delicate finger bones of the skeleton.  A vision explodes in her mind. A young girl in colonial style clothes struggles with a man twice her size. The man slaps her and she falls, hitting her head on a stack of bricks. Em jerks her hand back in horror as she begs, “no, God, no.” She pushes to her feet and vertigo hits her with a vengeance. She staggers a few steps, collapses to the floor, and passes out.

 In Treasure of the Battersea Bluffs, Em and Josh are unwittingly whisked back in time to the eighteenth century.  As the teens struggle to save the life of the young girl from Em’s vision, their interference incurs the wrath of her would be assailant, Angus Blackburn, and inadvertently draws the teens into his obsessive search for a Scottish Lord’s stolen gems.