It's Not My Favorite by Rue

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Can I tell you a little about my latest book "It's Not My Favorite"? I'm going to assume you don't want me to regurgitate the synopsis I am well aware that a multitude of prejudice exists. "It's Not My Favorite" is my favorite for a number of reasons, but the most important one is its portrayal of the lesbian character. There are two main characters, sisters, one gay and one straight. The beauty of the story is that it portrays them both with the same normal, human qualities. They both struggle, they both have relationship dramas, they both have issues with their parents and they both find a piece of success. I hope that the book will bridge the gap between GLBTQ romance/humor and Contemporary romance/humor. Rather than targeting GLBTQ, specifically, I feel this book can slip quietly into the mainstream and allow a far wider audience to experience a character they might normally miss.

What inspired me to write it? Growing up in various states around the Midwest and being forced to spend WAY too much time in church it gave me the chance to observe people and catalog little things away—for future reference. I was inspired to share the Hutchinson sisters with someone outside of my head!

How did I come up with the idea for the cover? I wanted the cover to contain some reference to place, "Duluth," and I wanted to portray a connection between the sisters. The iconic image is the Aerial Lift Bridge—it plays into the story several times.

If it was made into a movie, who would I like to play the main characters? Gwenn Hutchinson – Kristen Wiig; Rachel Hutchinson – Jennifer Lawrence; Daniel Gregory – Bradley Cooper; Annie Nelson – Kristen Merlin; Todd Warner – Sean Hayes; Pastor Ed – Harrison Ford; Shirley Hutchinson – Susan Sarandon; Flora – Rashida Jones; Thea – Amber Heard.

What is it about the romantic comedy genre that appeals to me so much? I love humor and I think a lot of people use humor in their daily lives (to make friends, to cope with stress and sometimes to keep people at a distance). My novels will always contain humor.

What made me want to become an author? I always wanted to be an author. I am a fairly introverted person and I always found it easier to express myself through writing.

How do I come up with character names? Character's manifest in my head with names attached.

Name one of my all-time favorite books? The Secret Garden is my favorite book. I love the magic of the hidden garden and I love character arcs. I have read it at least four times – I even forced my son to endure mommy reading it to him!

Who, or what, inspires me? My grandmother, Rita. [Pronounced Right-a]

Where is my favorite place to write? At my desk, on my yoga ball. (Which never actually gets used for yoga!)

Two of my favorite authors: Depends on the genre—I have many favorites. But, if you put a Marian Keyes book in front of me I wouldn't be mad about that.

If I could have a dinner party with any author from any time in history, who would I choose and why? In reality I would die of old age before I could make a decision. But, again, if you sat me down across from Marian Keyes I wouldn't be mad about that.

A random fact about myself. I have been in four states (in the US) at one time.

An interesting fact about where I live. I live in the Grand Canyon state.

What are my (writing) plans for the future? Readers can expect more of the same genre AND books from a new genre. There are two more books in the Lake Effect Series and I have two YA books and a children's book on the schedule, as well.

One thing that's on my bucket list: See a polar bear, in the wild—while I still can.

Favorite myth / fairytale? Just about anything from Celtic lore.