The Hobbyist's Guide to Dating - a non-fiction comedy by Sharon Mason

A true, hilarious and also moving account of the author's dating escapades, both online and off, through blind dates and speed dates and dates so bad it seemed like they'd never end.  

Her ‘clock’ may have given up ticking years ago, but forty-something singleton, Sharon Mason defies logic, common sense and feelings that she should have become same-sex oriented years ago, by continuing and chronicling her search for Mr Right, despite set-backs, diminishing possibilities and an increasing waistline. The author also gives her own take on ‘The Rules’ and advice for struggling singletons everywhere, answering the tough questions like ‘How long should I leave it before texting him again?’ and ‘Just how wrong is it for a man to bring his teddy bear on a romantic weekend away?’

The author puts her wit to work, giving a play-by-play of the dating game, and also gives advice on how to deal with online pests...  “How can I make you moan in bed?” ...“Tell me you haven’t put the bins out!”   She airs her frustrations as she purchases expensive lingerie to wear for for her new beau, only to find herself partnerless days later.

Proving that the quest for love is fraught with danger, disappointment, perversion and overly-long checklists, and that happily-ever-after is not easily achievable.

Readers' reviews:

"A beautifully frank exploration of the trials and tribulations of dating. I defy you not to spit tea all over your Kindle as you giggle your way through this little gem"

"A rollercoaster of emotions."