Seven Keys - A Fiction novel by Noel Romero

A man is taken to the hospital in critical condition; a spectacular robbery occurred twenty five years ago; a criminal hand that lurks everywhere; seven keys, which combined, make a single master key. Is it all related?

Alex couldn’t imagine that this small and rare key he held in his hand, would trigger a series of events that would change his life and, moreover, would involve Felix, his best friend and Susana, a nurse from the Asylum La Esperanza.

These three friends, suddenly, found themselves in the center of a maelstrom of danger and tension, which drags them down a road of mystery, riddles, puzzles, action, crime and detectives. Adventure becomes their daily companion. Their cunning, courage, friendship and knowledge are pushed to the limit, while a trail of death follows them right at their heels. Only together they will find the strength and the intelligence to confront the extreme evil forces.

Seven Keys makes the reader’s imagination fly in a surprising way. Constant suspense throughout the novel blends with unexpected twists and mysteries that lead this powerful story to an epic ending with a lot of action and intense emotions.

Readers who love riddles and puzzles will be delighted with this book.