What’s In a Name? An erotic suspense thriller by Kit Kingdom

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‘What’s In a Name?’ is a story of undying love. Cain K. and Claudia Abel are part Romeo and Juliet, part Sid and Nancy, and completely twisted all to themselves. The outposts of their romantic tale lay beyond the grave. The book follows their relationship from its humble beginning where he, a traveling starving artist way of UCLA, and she, a small town Midwestern girl with a taste for wild kinky sex and razorblade induced blood, collide, to its emotionally charged explosive climax. The timeframe and setting for most of the book is the last part of the twentieth century and her hometown of Sweethill, Montana, which she refuses to leave. They marry, he writes and publishes a novel, and they buy an old house in which while they work on fixing it up they discover within the pages of a fifty year old newspaper the details of a murder, the knowledge of which quickly engulfs and permanently alters them to their very core. Her tastes for weird blood soaked sexual pleasure and his tastes for drugs and alcohol accordingly become frantic needs and their world spirals out of control and increasing threatens to utterly destroy them until ultimately the devil gets his due.