Working With The Enemy - action adventure thriller by Brandan Hadlock

$0.99 from 6/16-6/20

John Case is an ordinary man: he attends church with his family; he mows the lawn; and he pays his taxes. He's also been out of work for months. Two foreign powers want the top-secret missile schematics that someone named Big J has clandestinely auctioned. Intelligence operatives have traced an encrypted message back to John's computer, and tonight, he and his family will be swept into a terrifying adventure of international espionage and extortion.

If you've been looking for a thrilling, clean, family adventure, this is it!

Book excerpt:

He pulled his keys out of his pocket, unlocked the car trunk, and lifted the lid. Then, still holding the keys, he reached inside for the cases of beans.

It was then that something slammed into his upper back. At almost the same time, someone's arms wrapped around his legs below the knees. Those arms lifted and twisted him so that he found himself partly within the trunk of the car.

John reached out to stop himself, his right hand grabbing the lip of the trunk while his left hand grabbed the edge of the rear window. What was happening? He looked up to see who was playing a joke on him, expecting to see his two oldest sons: one was in his early teens, and the other was big enough to be a teenager.

“Is it Matt . . .?” he asked. But it wasn't.

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